What We Will Do For You

Patients come to us feeling they “have to learn to live with their pain/problems”

Olympic Osteopathy is going to offer an alternative…

When it comes to treating pain or injury to the body, we follow a very unique treatment protocol designed to clear all potential dysfunctions related with your problem(s). Not only do we treat your physical problems, we also address any neurological, emotional and chemical factors that maybe contributing to your problem.
So when dealing with a physical injury, just treating the physical side will help but not totally clear the dysfunction or related associations.

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For the body to work at its best, it likes to do things in an easy straight forward way, like going from A to B. Its quickest and easiest route will be in a straight line.


Since birth, when you suffer an injury or illness at any time of your life, the brain stores this information in the memory bank. The brain then uses this stored information to compensate, therefore rerouting to the compensator. Meaning it now goes from A to C before it finally reaches an alternative B. It is these compensations that cause and contribute to dysfunctions and pain, as the compensators (C) cannot meet the demands of (B).


Our unique treatment protocol therefore goes in search of all compensators related to physical, emotional, chemical and thermal, as all of these can cause dysfunctions.

The protocol will require you to fill in a detailed pre-consultation form. This allows you to take your time and think carefully about your medical history. By giving as much detail as possible, this allows the practitioner to have a greater understanding of your problem before you even walk through the door. Therefore you benefit from more assessment and treatment time.

Your initial consultation aims to identify the underlying cause of any pain. Following on from your detailed pre-consultation form, we review and discuss your complaint, symptoms and past medical history. After, a thorough assessment will take place including postural assessment, osteopathic tests, orthopaedic tests and neurological tests. 
Your osteopath will provide you with an answer to whether they can help or not. You maybe referred to your GP or for further investigations such as an MRI scan or blood test, if after assessment we think you are not suitable for your initial treatment. 

Note – To carry out the examination, you may need to remove items of clothing or dress down to your underwear. It is important that you feel comfortable, if you are not, you are advised to wear shorts and a loose fitting vest/gym wear and are encouraged to bring a chaperone with you.

Next we implement some techniques, firstly the PDTR protocol, which is the original thought and investigations of orthopaedic surgeon Dr José Palomar. PDTR is a unique neurological therapy based on neurology, biomechanics, neurophysiology and anatomy. It works directly with the Central Nervous System (CNS) and has logical scientific explanation and being constantly researched and expended. It explains how all other existing manual therapy methods achieve the results they do and why sometimes they don’t. PDTR helps the CNS adapt to and deal with everything in a persons environment, which fosters optimal health. It clearly explains how we create create dysfunctions in the body, how to identify and assess dysfunctions and how to permanently treat dysfunctions to prevent them from coming back. PDTR encompasses a wide spectrum of functional dysfunctions on all levels – physical, endocrine, emotional and mental. Not only can it relieve painful symptoms, but it can also significantly enhance human performance in all areas of life.

This work recognises that sensory receptors (such as those for touch, pressure, hot, cold, pain, etc.), and the way the body processes the information from these receptors, is paramount in determining neuromuscular responses throughout the entire body. Good function, therefore is determined by the correct behaviour of these receptors. When these receptors are fixed, more often than not, its permanently fixed.

Following on, we then implement a specific osteopathic treatment (with other treatment modalities if needed, such as medical acupuncture), which works structurally to bring the body mechanics back to neutral, reducing tension and strain whilst increasing mobility and further reinforcing the PDTR protocol.

A coherent understanding is important for you to help manage your symptoms and get better, that is why you will receive a written report to take away with you. The report may include recommended home care advice or exercises to help reduced the recurrence of pain.

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Listen to some more information about why you have pain and what’s important when wanting to treat it

“I had re-aggravated an injury and despite following a solid rehabilitation plan that I’d done before, I found myself with a significant reduction in my range of movement for almost a year. I didn’t expect it would ever improve, I’ve seen numerous specialists over the years, but I’ve never seen such a remarkable improvement to an injury after just ONE session!”
Addis, performer
“I 100% recommend Steve as a highly skilled and knowledgeable professional; I can now go about my day without constantly thinking about being in pain. In fact, I have recommended Steve to several friends all of whom have been equally impressed! In fact, I have recommended Steve to several friends all of whom have been equally impressed!”
Hayley, Office Worker
“I went to Steve complaining of shoulder pain, it had been a problem for over a year. I thought the problem was being caused by an old whiplash injury, little did I know it was my pec muscle and my diaphragm that were the culprits! Within one session of treatment I gained almost double the range of movement in my right arm and the pain was gone”
Victoria, Office Worker
“Severe problems with my right shoulder began in 2007, resulting in constant pain. Consequently I underwent 2 operations in 2008 and 2009 with little improvement and I have been prescribed numerous drugs. It seems my whole life has been put on hold for 7 years, but at last I feel there is light at the end of the tunnel”
Sue, Post-surgery

What We Offer

We use a unique approach to the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of primarily musculoskeletal problems. The main aim of treatment is to reduce pain and encourage healing for conditions affecting bones, joints, ligaments and muscles throughout the body.

We Offer:
Classical Osteopathy
PDTR – Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex
NKT – NeuroKinetic Therapy

Medical Acupuncture
Mobility Stretching

Benefits Of Treatment With Us

  • Fast Recovery Times
  • Pain Reduction
  • Increased mobility
  • Improved performance in all activities and sports
  • Decreased wear and tear
  • Improved posture
  • Prevention of further injuries by treating the root causes
  • Improved state of relaxation
  • Understanding your body and problem(s)
  • and more

Treatments for headaches
Treatments for work related injuries
Treatments for sports injuries