Are Your Problems Emotional


Show the body the correct path and it will always take it. I sometimes refer to peoples bodies and nervous system trying to hike over mountains to get from ‘A’ to ‘B’, when if fact there is always an easier route.

A little while ago I treated a patient who was diagnosed with post viral chronic fatigue by their GP and found they needed to sleep all through the weekends and nap whenever they could. Meaning work suffered as reduced hours had to be taken, family and social life declined and hobbies such as going to the gym had to stop. My patient had become mentally and physically exhausted!

I don’t claim to treat “chronic fatigue”, this is however, how I went about helping the issue.

 Emotional                 Emotional

After explaining a few things about physiology, my patient was happy to continue. We looked deeply in to their past medical history to get to the route cause of the problem and found multiple traumas, at a very young age, to the head and face resulting in some physical scars. Such traumas cause the nervous system to go into overdrive and a state of defence. This mean most of their life their nervous system was running on this overdrive, on high defence rather than having some time to Rest and Recover.

From this we started with neurologically clearing the paleospinothalamic and neospinothalamic dysfunctions we found within the scars, along with some spinomesencephalic and spinohypothalamic dysfunctions which are related to memory and shock of the traumas.

We continued to proceed with some other neurological dysfunctions and reinforce the body mechanics with a structural treatment to support the neurological treatment and vice versa.

This alone allowed for the patients body to finally start recovering and get some rest, as the patient reported higher energy levels and decrease illness that they have been suffering with for a few months.

BUT we wasn’t finished just yet. On the next treatment, we targeted the emotional related problems.

When your body is in the ‘Fight or Flight’ mode, this causes the sympathetic nervous system to increase, which results in over activity of certain organs/body systems and decrease in activity in other organs/ body systems. Therefore potential leading to exhaustion of some organs, like the adrenal glads, which generates energy for the body. Our thoughts and emotional stress can cause physiological changes within the body.


Simply said, we took a specific and unique treatment targeted at emotions, and implemented this to reorganise the emotional stresses. Which would have a domino effect of reducing the ‘fight or flight’ physiological responses to the body.

The patient then reported by the end of the week a much clearer mindset, the brain fog had gone and the ability to concentrate again has allowed the patient to function normally again.

The patient is now back to full time work and back training in the gym and overall a much happier and healthier person.

This is the testimonial received..

“I can’t believe that only a few months ago I was really struggling to cope with normal everyday life. I had been diagnosed with post viral chronic fatigue by my doctor and told that it could expect it to last 6 months or more and that there was nothing I could do. It had started in September with just feeling run down and constantly needing to sleep and then developed into barely managing to do my full time job as a teacher. I found myself sleeping through weekends and napping every time I got home. I couldn’t keep up with anything; work, family, social life or getting to the gym, something that was a big part of my life. I met Steve through the gym and he said that osteopathy could help. I wasn’t convinced at first and I pursued the usual route of visiting my GP repeatedly. She referred for blood tests but told me literally ‘you just have to deal with it’. I struggled on for a while feeling mentally and physically exhausted.

I started seeing Steve in December, he was keen to help and optimistic of my prognosis. He said he had been trained in a range of techniques that he believed could help alleviate the symptoms. I was surprised to find that my first session with Steve had the most impact in making me feel dramatically better. After looking in depth at my medical history he noticed that I’d had a complex history of head injuries. We went through each incident and he treated me for the individual old traumas. Within a couple of days I felt totally transformed. The sore throat that I’d have every day for three months had gone, my glands which also had been constantly up had gone back to normal. I had much more energy which enabled me to conduct my work and I felt physically a lot better in myself.

Steve also advised that I see him for further treatment as I still suffered with mental fatigue. He recommended that I try some new techniques that might help with the emotional side of things and how we physically contain emotions in different parts of our body that can affect us both mentally and physically. I was sceptical at first but willing to give it a try. With the treatment I didn’t feel any changes immediately and the only side effect from the treatment was a collection of strange dreams. By the end of the week I noticed that I was much more able to concentrate, the brain fog that I had been living with had dissipated and I had much more clarity of thought. At that particular time I remember being under a tight deadline that required me to generate numerous ideas in quick succession, thankfully I had a lot more creative energy and freedom of imagination to do what had to be done. I remember being taken aback at how I was able to do it when previously I struggled to remember even what day it was or even remember whether it was before or after lunch. It was such a transformation and as a result I felt generally a lot more positive in myself and happier. I was so relieved to feel better and to be able to have my life back again. Since then I have also returned to the gym and I am back in training. I really am truly grateful for what Steve has done and I wholeheartedly recommend him, not just for physical aches and pains but for a whole range of health issues. He has a very holistic approach to health and really commits to discovering what any underlying causes to your health problems may be.”