Upgrading your health with monthly treatments and knowledge-bombs to reduce pain, move better, live better!


You’ll learn and gain access to our pain and movement series. A combination of e-book protocols and videos, teaching you how to do your own home care rehab, to reduce your pain, improve movement and have better posture. How amazing will it feel to take control and never struggle with pain again!


Pain and movement home care rehab series includes:

  • Posture: The most comprehensive guide to your best posture and reduced pain.
  • Shoulder Protocol: Learn to improve your Overhead reach, Stop shoulders from rounding forwards, Reach behind the back with ease, Build a stronger shoulder with rotator cuff conditioning and reduce shoulder impingement.
  • Back Protocol: Learn to activate your hip muscles for better support, Create better balance in the pelvis to reduce back pressure, Reduce low back pain and get rid of that Hunched back.
  • Hip and Knee Protocol: Learn to improve your weak hip muscles, reduce knee pain and knee mal-tracking, create better balance and control of the thigh muscles, reduce IT band syndrome and Knock knees.
  • Foot and Ankle Protocol: Learn to improve your Ankle restriction, Flat feet / over pronation, learn to stop getting Shin splints and Calf strain.

Pain and movement series

You’ll also gain access to our monthly health e-books which we’ve called ‘The Alchemy Project / Programme’. Decode your health with a guide to restoring health naturally.


Client membership is considered after having an initial consultation and treatments to get you out of pain. After this the membership treatment sessions are designed to be 30 minute re-inforcement upgrades, continually keeping you at your best. These sessions can consist of manual therapy, functional neurology treatments, exercise rehabilitation or a combination of the 3.

We understand that health is all of these things and not merely one. To improve the physical we should improve the emotional and chemical and upgrade our body and mind to its best potential.


To Excellent Health and Performance!


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