Do What Your Cat Would Do

Talking with a patient about fight or flight responses and rest and digest and how many people are constantly in fight or flight mode.

Obviously this doesn’t help the body when you’re trying to recover from an illness or injury.

Not only are people getting stuck in fight and flight modes, they are also not moving enough. Spending most of the time behind a desk at work, or stuck in traffic, or bunched up on a train in rush hour. Whatever it maybe people are failing to move.
The body craves movement and movement is life. Let it be free to be healthy.

I picked up a Romanian saying which is ‘Do as your cat would do’. Have you ever watched a cat get up and watched what it does?

If you’ve you’ve seen a cat or dog resting on the floor for a little while or sleeping and generally not moving much, the first thing it does is…. Stretch! The way it pushes it’s legs out, bends, leans forwards. Takes the cat a couple seconds and then off it goes.

Discussing this with my patient he also added “no one told the cat what to do”. Meaning this is a natural habit that all living things with advanced biomechanics is required to do.

Couple this movement and stretching with learning the ability to relax. I say ‘learning’ because people are too tense from the constant fight or flight mode they are in.

No one told the cat but I’ll tell you; move, stretch and relax more. It’s natural and has the most amazing benefits to health.


 That Cat Did