Today I get the pleasure to talk to Emma-Louise Pauline of Eat Live Primal. Emma-Louise is dedicated to creating change and enhancing peoples lifestyles through nutrition. Emma-Louise knows what effects are had with modern day work and busy lifestyles, as she spent 8 years working in finance herself, and then decided to help others by pursuing her passion and interest in health, diet and wellness and take on a career in nutrition, with special interests in gut health, hormonal imbalances and weight management.


There’s a lot diseases / illnesses that are purely down to nutrition. Whats the biggest reason you see as to why people are over weight, suffering from diabetes or other nutritional related diseases?

People are confused – there’s so much conflicting ”health’’ information out there; it makes lifestyle change difficult. One day they are told to go on a low fat diet the next they are told butter is good for you. The general public find it hard to navigate this conflicting information about health. Ask the average person if they think a bowl or fruit and fibre and a slice of wholegrain toast with a glass of orange juice is a “healthy” breakfast and the majority will say yes. In general, you’ll find a lot of laypeople with opinions that may or may not be based in real science.

Good health isn’t as hard as people think it is. I always tell clients suffering with chronic diseases that most healthcare takes place in the home. It is based around what you put on a plate and how you use your feet.


Any personal advice you can share from your expertise?

When you are suffering with health problems don’t let a diagnosis along with a prescription be the end of the story. Become a detective and look at the bigger picture of your health, and which aspects of your diet, lifestyle and environment may be contributing to any health problems. What is the root cause? 

Remember, Lifestyle and nutrition are always the bedrock upon which all chronic medical management should be founded. 


What top tips can you pass on from your speciality to help others with their health?

There are four pillars of good health,

1  Eat well

2  Move well

3  Sleep well

4  Rest well


Any myths you regularly hear that should be debunked?

1.     Saturated fat is the “bad fat” and should be avoided.

2.     Butter is bad for you.

3.     Cholesterol rich foods (Like Eggs) are bad for you

4.     Soy milk makes a healthy alternative to milk.

5.     Whole wheat is a health food and an essential part of a “Balanced” diet

6.     All calories are created equal

7.     Red meat is bad for us

8.     Losing weight is all about willpower and eating less, exercising more…

Ohhh I could go on 🙂 It was hard to stop myself there!


As Emma-Louise said ‘become a detective’ with your health. People are confused, there is so much information out there regarding nutrition and health. The way I see it, the best thing you can do is seek a professional, like Emma-Louise, to fully understand the problem and guide you to better healthy living. From my experience people find it hard or it is a burden on them to make these lifestyle changes and I know this is a cliche but at the end of the day you only have one life to live with your health. You can choose to have poor health or you can choose to have good health and reap the rewards from it. I hope you choose the latter and if you have any questions do get in touch.