When you’re in pain, a lot of the time I see neurological dysfunctions causing muscle weakness.

This muscle weakness therefore doesn’t generate support for the structure of the body and its movements.

This results in the body over compensating, straining and obstructing movement ability.

“In this video you will a client who couldn’t bend their knee from a severe trauma that they had 3 years prior, resulting in torn ligaments”

A neurological dysfunction is a miscommunication with the brain and a muscle, so you can not simply exercise a neurologically weakened muscle to get strong again, because the brain does not have direct access to that muscle anymore.

“In the video, the movement of bending the knee is highly sensitised to which the brain deems as dangerous and causes the client to not go beyond his limits that have been set in place”

I talk about finding priority problems when it comes to treating my clients and when we have uncovered those, we then want to discover which is the Top Priority!

By following this we are able to treat the most essential dysfunction which is causing the majority of the pains and problems and ultimately give us the greatest of results.

“at the start of the session the client couldn’t bend the knee, by the end of the session he was able to sit back on his heels and even perform a single leg squat”

If you have unresolved problems or feel something is holding you back in your activities, the chances are, your brain is simply trying to protect you from a over sensitised fear of further damage.

Once we show the brain and body how to communicate correctly, we can dramatically reduce pain and increase performance.