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Patients come to us feeling they “have to learn to live with their pain/problems”

Olympic Osteopathy is going to offer an alternative…

Learning from world class leaders, we integrate a set of skills that when combined, allows the practitioner to communicate with the body to an advanced level.

The body is a highly advanced piece of biological engineering and it learns to adapt. This means that when something doesn’t work correctly, the body will recruit other areas to support its function.

This causes a problem because the supporters now have more work demands than before and more often than not, it is the supporters that scream out for help.

The body tells us everything, but it is only of recent that we are able to understand what it is actually telling us. It is now possible to communicate with the body to find out specifically what needs to be treated.

Here’s How We Can Help You

Get Out Of Pain Package

I am in pain from an injury or I am not sure why I am in pain and I would like it to not be there!
I have tried things before, like stretching but the problem is still there and I do not know what to do

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Platinum Health Package

I am fed up of my aches and pains, I feel older than I am, I lack energy and my diet is poor!
I desperately need to make some changes because my body is suffering!
Your lifestyle isn’t doing you any favours and its time to get you feeling at your best!

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… the experience has been somewhat miraculous, I now no longer suffer any pain and I can’t thank Steve enough, it has been life changing”

… Over the course of my treatment, Steve displayed both a very professional and friendly demeanour which enabled me to relax and trust him to do his job. I can honestly say that the experience has been somewhat miraculous, I now no longer suffer any pain and I cant thank Steve enough, it has been life changing” – Sharon

“I’ve never seen such a remarkable improvement to an injury after just ONE session!”
I had re-aggravated an injury and despite following a solid rehabilitation plan that I’d done before, I found myself with a significant reduction in my range of movement for almost a year. I didn’t expect it would ever improve and hence neither would my ability to perform my activities at full capacity.
I’ve seen numerous specialists over the years, but I’ve never seen such a remarkable improvement to an injury after just ONE session! I look forward to being able to put 100% back into my training and so I highly recommend Steve’s treatment techniques. – Addis: Performer

The results have given me back my life!
Steve has given me a 2nd chance of pursuing my dreams and return to my once active lifestyle. I wish there was a way i could repay him because after 4 sessions I’m back to being who I once was. Its funny now, there are times when I forget i’ve had the surgery or even a problem with my knee thanks to his help. – Rajiv


Some Topics To Inspire Good Health On Your Journey

Patient with back pain - olympic osteopathy

80% of people suffer back pain in their adult lives! Yet pain is healthy!!

What will you be like in 5 – 10 years from now? Click Here to learn about your health and your pain


Many colds and illnesses can go around and one way to fight of catching them is to safe guard yourself. Try this tasty elixir and keep healthy

Championship Records

After walking in on crutches, our female powerlifter Breaks Championship Records after our Unusual Treatment Click Here

We think it makes sense that you not only know how to get better but how to maintain your health!

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