Get Out of Pain 

Where You’re At:

You are someone that has constant or reoccurring aches, niggles and pain. Whether its from an injury or it gradually happened over time, this maybe due to a lack of self care or you simply slept ‘funny’.

You consider yourself as an active person, who tries to look after themselves with the means of some exercise or sports and you regularly eat healthy to help balance out stressful work-life balance.

However, you currently have a problem that you may have tried to get sorted in the past with other things such as stretching, massage or other therapies which haven’t seemed to of got rid of the problem fully.


What we recommend:

Integrating some of the most powerful treatment styles available, the Get Out of Pain option is designed to treat your problem on both a neurological basis and structural basis allowing us to gain better stability, with increased control and power, making you a more efficient functioning being, in your work, sports or daily activities.

Here’s a video for more info on ‘Pain and Why you have it’

This tailor made recovery plan will have long lasting benefits for your problem or injury.

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Platinum Health 

Where You’re At:

You desperately need to make some changes because your body is suffering and you are unfit. Whether its from an injury or it gradually happened over time, your lifestyle isn’t doing you any favours and you have neglected your body by over working, or not doing any exercise and eating rather unhealthily and you wish to turn this around with the best guidance possible.


You are someone that has pushed their body to its limits with competitive sports who tries to eat healthily but is not doing a great job at fuelling the body with energy and/ or you are not managing the demands of the sport or workload on your body by not incorporating the correct recovery methods specific for your needs and therefore the body is suffering.


What we recommend:

The Platinum Health option is for those that have been suffering some form of pain or injury and want to upgrade their body and take their general health and energy up to a new level. The Platinum Health option is a combination of the ‘Get Out of Pain’ option with an added benefit of a consultation with a specialist nutritionist who creates a specialised tailor made nutrition plan, to help boost recovery, reduce inflammation, whilst at the same time introducing your body to nutritious fuel to ramp up your energy levels. You’ll also have email support from the nutritional specialist and after a few weeks you’ll have a follow up consultation to see how things have been going and make the necessary adjustments to the nutrition plan if needed.

We also go one step further and use the expertise of a Functional Rehab Specialistic. Using a combination of exercises that you will complete with the function rehab specialist, we get your body conditioned and stronger, functional and stabilised, all specifically to your needs!

We enhance both your body and mind neurologically, to re-engage your nervous system and re-enforce your biomechanics structurally to get your body fired up and full of energy, which helps bulletproof you so you can take on life’s daily challenges and be your absolute best.

With this option you gain the knowledge of 3 expert professionals all working to achieve the best you possible!

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