When considering the body biomechanics it’s important to thing about Tensegrity, I have mentioned this before. The body is both directly and indirectly affected by itself no matter what is positioned upon it.
Take the game Jenga. Imagine you have suffered an injury, the next thing the body will do is compensate around that injury, in both protection and to aid recovery. Lets say this injury is one of the Jenga blocks, that’s just been removed at the beginning of the game and then placed on top.
Just like the body you can’t fully remove something (unless surgery occurs). The block is just the same, you can not simply removed it, as it is replaced in a different position on top.
Now in order to restore perfect balance, that block should be replaced, however at the early stages of this game, the tower is still quite stable but not 100%.
You can see where we are going with this. Now the next person takes a block, this is injury number 2, they remove it and replace it in another position on top of the tower.
We have now created more instability and compensations.

But this is where it gets interesting. Most people would be advised, they need rest and / or strengthen XY and Z.
If you do strengthening exercises whilst in an unstable position, you are merely securing an unstable position.
These muscles that go on to support a unstable position also turn out to be weak and they simply go on lock down.
Meaning their functionality is now completely rubbish!
All it does is holds on for dear life to stop things getting worse.
When in fact this is a bad solution as this can often result in nerve entrapments, reduced circulation and cause other muscles to then strain or be restricted.
So now we have muscles that are weak, on lock down, and straining. Is this somewhat solution enough to help you not feel pain? maybe! BUT, it tends to be a recurrent thing and you’ll ask yourself ‘why is it that every time I do A,B or C this happens?, or every year I get this problem’
So because ABC causes XYZ , The common go to answer will be ‘I don’t do it anymore’
Why limit yourself from a healthier potential.
This is why diagnostic muscle testing is very important. By doing this and truly understanding what it means, you can open the door to quite amazing things and it’s not just simply testing a muscle to see if it’s strong or not.
Now we can trace a problem to its origins and fix the one thing that’s truly needing fixing.