This is a great example of how old injuries can play havoc on new or current problems. Question is, where are your problems coming from…

A patient came complaining of lower back pain especially in bending and squatting movements and on examination, the pelvis was being placed under strain due to its rotation of a right anterior and left posterior ilium along with inactive bilateral psoas muscles and over active left QL muscle giving poor stability.
We discovered that the left QL was inhibiting the psoas (hip flexor) muscles, after reorganising and balancing neuromotor control from the QL to bilateral psoas they got stronger except the right side remained slightly weak.
Following the history we managed to associate an old 1st rib fracture on the left side was inhibiting the right psoas muscle. After rebalancing neuromotor control, this time from the left 1st rib to the right psoas it became strong again, along with the left and now both psoas muscles are fully active. Couple this with the correct structural re-alignment of the pelvis, we help maximise pelvic support and stability.
Amazing how an old 1st rib fracture could cause such an effect on the pelvis. Treating causes not symptoms!
Do you know where your pain is coming from?