Neospinothalamic What??

This shows a video of a patient who suffered a torn knee ligament from a breakdancing move, which was left over time and healed itself non-surgically but remained some dysfunctions.

The knee was structurally fine except the hole that developed within the Anterior cruciate ligament. So although the damage to the knee was somewhat repaired, the receptors of the knee wasn’t, which in turn told his brain he couldn’t move.

Within the knee we treated some paleospinothalamic pathways with neospinothalamic pathways. These are pain pathways which was telling the patients brain not to move any further in risk of further injury.

Once the body and brain realised it was allowed to move, the knee became functional again.

If you like this and either you or you know someone that could benefit from this revolutionary style of treatment, feel free to contact us with any questions.

This is what our patient said afterwards..

“I had re-aggravated an injury and despite following a solid rehabilitation plan that I’d done before, I found myself with a significant reduction in my range of movement for almost a year.

I didn’t expect it would ever improve and hence neither would my ability to perform my activities at full capacity.

Steve was recommended to me by a member at my gym who’d had great results after having treatment with him and so after a brief assessment Steve said he felt he could help improve my problem.

I’ve seen numerous specialists over the years, but I’ve never seen such a remarkable improvement to an injury after just ONE session!

I look forward to being able to put 100% back into my training and so I highly recommend Olympic Osteopathy’s treatment techniques”