Stepping On Your Problem

Patient came complaining of strained abdominal obliques on the left hand side due to kicking motion of a left roundhouse kick. This caused the patient to have noticeable pain on movement, especially turning when sleeping.

On examination we found the somatosensory receptors that is used for rotation in gait, was dysfunction on the right foot.

When applying a roundhouse kick with the left foot, the body loads it’s weight onto the right foot and pivots to generate rotational torque throughout the body so it can generate power for the kick.

 Roundhouse Kick

In the patients case, when loading the dysfunctional receptor on the right foot, it caused an inhibition/weakening of the contra-lateral obliques / abdominals, reducing stability, power and motor-control throughout the left round house kick and leading to strain of those muscles.

Applying Dr Palomar’s PDTR protocol, we fixed the dysfunction within a matter of seconds and then re-aligned the structural mechanics of the pelvis and spine into neutral to reinforced neuro-motor control.

After treatment, the pain had significantly decreased and the patient had a much needed solid 11 hours sleep with no pain at all.