Female Powerlifter Breaks Championship Records After Unusual Treatment

After suffering ongoing knee pain, our female powerlifter was told there was nothing more that could be done for her. Still feeling knee pain and not being able to back squat anything above 60kg because it was uncomfortable, something needed to be done fast as the Women’s Senior Classic Championship was approaching fast.

It is important when dealing with the body, its not about how it is moving, but why it is moving. When something doesn’t work properly the body needs support from elsewhere in the body, this is classic compensation, which I’m sure everyone can understand. However after assessing the knee and biomechanics, everything seemed to be structurally moving well, so why is there pain and discomfort creating major weakness?

In comes the proprioceptive neurological assessment. Here we find an array of proprioceptive dysfunctions all sending incorrect information to the brain. Now the brain is a complex processor, however it is simply a processor!

Information Goes In — Brain Processes The Information — Information/ Actions Come Out.

Its a simple yet complex and magical piece of bio-engineering.

However what if the wrong information goes in? Then the brain has to process the wrong information and create an outcome best suited to it. Although magical, the brain can not rectify the problem but can simply compensate the problem.

In the patients case, the muscles around the knee, hip and back had been switched off causing the body to compensate away from the knee. So when the patient tried to squat, the bodies subconscious protective mechanisms had changed its settings, forcing the patient to be consciously aware that there is a problem and stop the patient from doing more harm, even though the body, hip, knee were in working order structurally.

This is not uncommon; many people walk around with proprioceptive dysfunctions cause by past injuries, sprains, fractured bones, falls and so on, but its not limited to purely physical things.

Now back to our powerlifter. After discovering where these proprioceptive dysfunction’s were it was then a matter of resetting them. The beauty of this part was that it is so quick to do because once you’ve shown the body how it should be working, then the body will continue to work that way.

“From every visit I have felt better and better”

This particular treatment style was devised by Dr. Jose Palomar, an orthopaedic surgeon that realised proprioceptors, the sensors of the body may not be in working order and so pain is a result. These sensors, sense information from a stimulus such as hot or cold, vibration, tickle, itch, pressure or tension and that when damaged, these sensors can be responsible for up to 90-95% of pain experienced in the body.

After resolving these issue, which more often than not are permanent, the patients body was more coordinated, pain free, stable and also generated a higher power output.

The patient went back to training as normal and focused on the competition and as eager as she was, on a different occasion, just three weeks before the powerlifting championship, I receive a message saying she had pulled her back from training. This now shows the power of this treatment. The patient was in so much pain that they didn’t think they could make it to the clinic.

“One of the best results I got working with Steve, was when I pulled my back muscle, I texted Steve to book an appointment as a matter of urgency. The next day I texted him back to say I couldn’t make it in because I couldn’t even leave my bed “His reply was if you can make it to me than I’m able to help” I was in so much pain and I had a powerlifting championship coming up in 3 weeks time, I knew I had to find a away to see him, I walked into his clinic with crutches and walked out without needing one”.

When you show the body the most efficient way of how it should be working, it continues to work that way. After resetting the proprioceptive dysfunctions, we reinforced those setting with a structural approach that would help the body move in a more holistic and functional way.

“Steve not only fixed my knee pain, he got my back strong, fit and ready in time for my competition”

The great news came back, not only did the patient compete and not suffer any pain, they also managed to break two British Records in her category (M1). One being the Back Squat with 137.5kg, which before treatment was only 60kg. More than double the weight! The other being the total weight combined from the Back Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. Congratulations!

If you or someone you know are suffering some form of pain, restriction or problem either related to everyday life or sports and performance then get it touch to see how we can help you breakthrough your barriers.