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Below is a number of testimonials from people with various complaints. One thing that is important to know is that some of these patients didn’t know what osteopathy was and whether or not it could help them. Therefore the purpose of my practice is to always take the time to fully explain the root cause of the problem(s) and outline the best approach for treatment for each of them personally. My aim is to get people healthy again and not just out of pain. If I am unable to help, I will let you know and refer where necessary and for the patients below who followed my advice and recommendations, managed to live a happier, pain free life..

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Rajiv: Technician – Knee Reconstructive Surgery

After coming back from holiday (July 2015) a daily feat would consist of walking 10k, then returning to my regular routine of horse riding and basketball. In one match of basketball, I had been set up to catch the ball from across the court and jumping up I didn’t realise that my right leg was tensed and when landing I had not bent my knee but instead caused my ACL to rupture which was later diagnosed as an ACL tear with damage to my PCL and minicus. I opted for knee reconstructive surgery.

The injury itself made me feel foolish, regretting for not looking after myself initially as much as I tried to deny how badly this had traumatised me, every step I took made me think ‘It could happen again’ but with time I had learnt to accept I had limitations with my right knee, leaving  me out of my former active lifestyle, unable to socialise as much and more so felt like it had just brought depression with doubtful thoughts of whether i’d ever be able to walk properly or even run again.

Steve was such an open and friendly person, I spoke to him about my history of how I caused the ACL tear and he listened to every single detail and made it all count when it came to treating me.

My first session, Steve simply explained how his type of Osteotherapy focused on repairing nerve receptor damage which from my ACL tear had caused alot of damage, reaching all through my body. Once that first session was done, I was relaxed and less tense, like there wasn’t as much to think about when walking, which really made me happy and gave me hope that I’d eventually be able to back to normal.

With each session there’s no doubt in Steve’s skill of helping me rid myself of pain as well as restoring the nerves to work more fluidly with my body (Basically I mean to say, before I had to think about each movement I made which made me feel slower, after each session my head became clearer, and my body began to work like it should’ve before with each muscle and limb working together rather than against with a delayed timing). It showed after the end of every session, that the flexibility was returning to my knee when he asked me to perform a squat (which by the end of the 2nd session felt so comfortable to perform).

Each session began to help me emotionally from the trauma and better my moods, cleared my mind of doubts. Being impressed sells Steve short, I was always surprised to see how much I progressed to the point where, when I had a physio review moving to the next stage from 2 to 3, which involved more strength training and light cardio, the physiotherapists realised I was much stronger and had progressed in the minimal amount of time and had actually asked me to calm down on my progression just so that I don’t overdo it and injure myself. I had never felt more lively at this point, knowing I was capable of progressing faster than I thought, with the right diet and working out, each osteo treatment felt like it was breaking the seals that had been placed on my body for me to unleash my true strength.

No feelings can describe the moment after my final session, aside from seeing how I am, The results of the Osteotherapy have given me back my life that I once thought I would’ve had to give up, being able to walk without a limp, pain or even performing a perfect squat with no issues at all is that happiest i’ve been since the injury, nothing else compares.

Steve has given me a 2nd chance of pursuing my dreams and return to my once active lifestyle. I wish there was a way i could repay him because after 4 sessions I’m back to being who I once was. Its funny now, there are times when I forget i’ve had the surgery or even a problem with my knee thanks to his help.

Eno: Powerlifter – Knee and Back Pain

Before I started working with Steve, I had an on going knee pain to the point that it was affecting my training,  I  was seeing a different Osteopath after a while they said their was nothing they could do for me. At this point I could not squat anything above 60kg it was uncomfortable and something needed to be done and fast.

After checking a few websites I came across Steve’s website. I was confident enough to book an appointment. On my first appointment I was quickly put at ease, I knew I was in the right hands he explained his style of treatment which was different from my last osteopath but I had the feeling this was something I had to try.

Working with Steve has been a pleasant experience, he takes the time to explain what he his doing and asks for feedback. Every session is consistent, and from every visit I have felt better and better, their is a flow with the way Steve works and you are carried along each time. He gives great tips and advice on how to manage the problems before seeing me for my next appointment.  Most importantly he told me to contact him if any changes, knowing I have that option was very reassuring.

One of the best results I got working with Steve, was when I pulled my back muscle, I texted Steve to book an appointment as a matter of urgency. The next day I texted him back to say I couldn’t make it in because I couldn’t even leave my bed His reply was “if you can make it to me than I’m able to help” I was in so much pain and I had a powerlifting championship coming up in 3 weeks time, I knew I had to fined a away to see him, I walked into his clinic with crutches and walked out without needing one.

Steve not only fixed my knee pain he got my back strong, fit and ready in time for my competition. I squatted 137.5kg and deadlift 145kg.

I call him Steve “The Fixer” behind his back.



Hayley: Office Worker – Upper back and Neck pain

I started seeing Steve for mid-upper back pain and tension that had been ongoing for several years with varying degrees of severity that at times, would have me balled up in tears and feeling like I was on fire. I was constantly pulling and tugging at my neck and shoulders to try and alleviate the tension. From my very first session, I was seriously impressed by Steve. After carrying out a comprehensive assessment of my history and my whole body, (not just what I thought to be the problem area), Steve was able to really explain the issues that were contributing to my pain. He also gave me a card which had a visual representation of the body, on which he marked the areas of imbalance and tension that he would focus on during treatment. I have seen osteopaths in the past, and none of them have ever taken the time to explain the way Steve did.


He also outlined the treatment plan to first of all get me out of pain, but, to primarily get me to a point where the underlying issues are resolved, so that I will eventually only need the odd tune up every few months, to prevent the issues and pain from returning!

In terms of the treatment itself, Steve is really good at making me feel at ease, and I never feel anxious or apprehensive about what’s coming next, as he will always tell me what he is doing, what I might hear or feel, and if something might be uncomfortable. He’s also given me exercises and advice on things I can do in between appointments to help keep up the good work.


In a matter of weeks, my issues have massively improved, and I can now go about my day without constantly thinking about being in pain. I 100% recommend Steve as a highly skilled and knowledgeable professional; In fact, I have recommended Steve to several friends all of whom have been equally impressed!

Sharon: Nursery Nurse – Shoulder and Upper back pain

My job as a nursery nurse in a private day nursery involved some physical work, setting up the classroom, activities and then at times the lifting of the children as was necessary. Over time, this gave rise to what started as discomfort in my upper back and shoulders, then into a great deal of pain. I managed this by various strong pain killers with intermittent visits to A&E as and when the pain got too bad and I had difficulty moving freely. This cycle of pain management continued for some time until I became the patient of Steve

Although very reluctant to attend at first, I can only say that this was the best decision I had made. From my first consultation, Steve explained the course of the treatment that I was to undertake, the likely time frame and that at times it would be very uncomfortable even painful, the honesty which I appreciated. He demonstrated using models exactly what was causing my condition and how the treatment would go to rectify my problems. Throughout, he managed my expectations and did not promise any ‘miraculous’ results but assured me that my condition could be improved. Over the next five months of treatments, the results improved and the pain I experienced became less and less, truly remarkable.

Over the course of my treatment, Steve displayed both a very professional and friendly demeanour which enabled me to relax and trust him to do his job. I can honestly say that the experience has been somewhat miraculous, I now no longer suffer any pain and I cant thank Steve enough, it has been life changing.

Addis: Performer / Gymnast – Knee pain

I had re-aggravated an injury and despite following a solid rehabilitation plan that I’d done before, I found myself with a significant reduction in my range of movement for almost a year. I didn’t expect it would ever improve and hence neither would my ability to perform my activities at full capacity.

Steve was recommended to me by a member at my gym who’d had great results after having treatment with him, and so after a brief assessment Steve said he felt he could help improve my problem.

I’ve seen numerous specialists over the years, but I’ve never seen such a remarkable improvement to an injury after just ONE session!
I look forward to being able to put 100% back into my training and so I highly recommend Olympic Osteopathy’s treatment techniques.

Victoria: Office Worker – Shoulder pain and restriction

I went to Steve complaining of shoulder pain, it had been a problem for over a year. The pain in my back, neck and shoulder was constant and would get worse when I carried something heavy or did any type of exercise, I also couldn’t raise my right arm above my head. I thought the problem was being caused by an old whiplash injury, little did I know it was my pec muscle and my diaphragm that were the culprits! Within one session of treatment I gained almost double the range of movement in my right arm and the pain was gone. Steve gave me exercises to do each day and so far the problem hasn’t occurred again. I’m so pleased that he’s found the source of the problem, as it means I can get back to the sport I love and not live in fear that the pain will return. 

Tammy: Lab Scientist – Pinched low back nerve

Looking back, I’ve been a patient of yours for almost two years after a sacral nerve pinch. During this time your excellent work has transformed me from a woman who had difficulty performing most activities without suffering some form of pain into my previous self.

The last time we spoke you said that you regarded me as one of your true success stories. I totally agree and will be backing up the last two years of treatments with quarterly appointments to make sure I don’t end up in the same position again. Thanks for all of your patience with me and your hard work. I want to recommend you highly and wish you all the best.

Alan: Golfer – Low back pain

I am a keen golfer and developed a back problem. After a few appointments with Steve the pain was relieved and I regained movement. With Steves guidance I soon got back to playing golf, in fact because of the treatment, my swing improved. I would say my health has improved since having treatment.

Jenna: Dancer – Low back and Foot pain

I am a professional dancer and have seen Steve on numberous occasions for injuries, especially my feet and back, that have occured due to my work. Everytime Steve has fixed the problem and has also given me strengthening and stretching exercises to prevent the same injuries from happening again. I would 100% recommend Steve to anyone.

Sue: Post-Surgery Shoulder pain

Severe problems with my right shoulder began in 2007, resulting in constant pain. Consequently I underwent 2 operations in 2008 and 2009 with little improvement and I have been prescribed numerous drugs… As I felt I had nothing too lose, I made an appointment. Steve, my osteopath took time to go through my past medical history and thereafter carried out a complete and full examination… I have undergone 12 sessions so far, although some movement still causes me pain, this is becoming less extreme. I am still taking the medication, but am confident that I will be able to stop these in time. It seems my whole life has been put on hold for 7 years, but at last I feel there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Kat: Personal Trainer –  Foot pain

After a period of time training and running my feet developed lots of pain. You give me new feet! Thank you so much!!