Helloooo Everyone,

You may of may not of heard about a particular drink called ‘Bulletproof Coffee’. This is the original idea of s guy called Dave Asprey who owes the company ‘Bulletproof’. Dave Asprey is a guy who has experimented with bio-hacking, meaning he’s done research of finding out some of the best ways possible to improve us human beings, generally in physical and mental performance.

His bulletproof coffee has been somewhat of a trend and many people have cottoned on to it. He uses the best ingredients to make it the purest coffee going but not only that he combines some other ingredients to improve mental health.

I’ll explain the ingredients as I go:

Firstly the main ingredient is coffee, but of course. However his version of coffee is to provide the cleanest form, those that come from the highest elevation in Guatemala, where there is a minimal chance of the growth of mycotoxins (mold toxins) compared to other coffee beans that other well known coffee brands use. But from my understanding he has been called out on this and the research may not be as validating as he claims, although wherever there is something good, someone always has something bad to add to it. If you were to drink cheap coffee, his research shows you’ll find these mycotoxins and these can be linked to brain damage, weight gain, cancer, hypertension, kidney disease and other health problems. Which is why Dave Asprey set out to find the cleanest coffee.

Keeping this simple, the benefits of a pure coffee, such as ’Upgraded Coffee’ (Dave Aspreys own brand of course) it gives a surge of energy, improves mental performance and reduces age-related mental decline. It makes you a happier person by increasing serotonin levels and improves learning by 10%. It also keeps you more alert. Who knew ay!

Butter. Who wouldn’t add butter to a hot beverage! Now this may seem weird but I have heard of this before and you may have too. Ideally you’ll be choosing a organic grass-fed un-salted butter, reason being if that grass fed cows are healthier therefore the butter produced would reflect this. Further benefits of butter include higher omega-3 fatty acids, CLA, beta-carotene (more than in carrots), vitamins A, K, D, E, and antioxidants. It also apparently contains Butyrate which both prevents and decreases inflammation in the human body. In short organic grass fed butter is a superfood.

The last ingredient is Brain Octane Oil. This is a version of Medium-Chain Trigyleride MCT oil (what you generally get from coconut oil) but in a higher form. This basically is super fast available energy for the brain and body than which you would get from sugar. Brain Octane Oil bypasses the liver processes completely meaning it only takes 3 steps to convert into energy, whilst sugar would take 25 steps.

So thats the gist of it. But whats that got to do with Supermans hot chocolate. If like me, you may not like coffee, which means you’re not able to have a bulletproof coffee. (In fact I found out that when I had a coffee once, from a popular chain, I developed brain fog, my head went all fuzzy and I couldn’t concentrate at all for the day, so I will be talking more about this and other chemicals that we are exposed to that may cause brain fog for you, in another newsletter). and the reason its superman’s, is because he’s also “bulletproof”.

Carrying on, the next substitute we have for coffee is green tea. which has the benefits of being an anti ager, prevents cancer, lowers LDL ‘bad’ cholestrol, weight loss, detoxifier, mind improver, energy, oral health from bacteria. If you choose Matcha green tea, then don’t add it in boiling water, as this makes it taste more grassy, so wait for it to cool for 5 minutes. The reason I mention Matcha tea is because Its claimed to have 10 times the antioxidant levels of normal green tea.

Now you have a large variety of herbal teas, green tea, peppermint tea etc but If you didn’t want to use a tea, you can go for hot chocolate. The best benefits come from using cacao (Ka-cow) powder which is better because its in a raw form of chocolate and less processed than those that you would ordinarily find in the supermarkets e.g. cocoa, which is stripped of its nutrients during processing and generally other sugars, milk, oils and flavouring is added to it. The benefits of cacao are shown to improve mood and energy, enhance weight loss, improve memory, reduce heart disease, boost immunity, contains essential minerals and vitamins. As it can pass the blood-brain-barrier it also can add protective properties to your nervous system. Proving as a good antioxidant, as its 4 times more potent than normal processed dark chocolate, has 20 times more antioxidants than blueberries and 119 times more antioxidants than bananas. Definitely making it a superfood. I got my cacao online as I didn’t find it available in high-street supermarkets. Cacao, however, is bitter on its own so you could add organic raw natural honey to sweeten things up. If you can’t get some then I have also used organic green and blacks hot chocolate as well to trial some variations of the drink.

So there you go, use either a top quality grade green tea or alike, such as matcha, or use a top quality grade hot chocolate. Add this to a tablespoon scoop of coconut oil with either MCT oil or Brain Octane Oil. Throw in a knob of organic grass fed unsalted butter, blitz it all up in a blender for best taste or give it a good shake as this will give it a more frothy style drink. If you don’t have a shaker or blender, just keep the spoon in and keep stirring to keep all the ingredients mixed. Feel free to add in any other variations such as cinnamon or vanilla extract to suit your preferred flavour.

There you have it. All the benefits of Bulletproof coffee and maybe more but in a green tea or hot chocolate version. Its worth a try and can be easily made when you know what you’re doing, so you can make it a regular upgrade to your normal coffee, tea or hot chocolate.