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An Osteopath works to restore the body’s health to a state of balance without the use of drugs or surgery. To an osteopath, for your body to be healthy, its structure and function must be in top condition.

Osteopathy is a system to diagnose, treat and prevent a wide range of medical conditions. We treat the body as a whole e.g. we can treat the shoulder to help fix a hip problem; and in doing so we are able to treat all the connective tissues, generating a more powerful result.

Combining Osteopathy with the education specific to the patient needs, reduces the recurrence of pain or injuries.

Generally osteopaths use gentle manual techniques to increase the mobility of joints, whilst relieving muscular tension and enhancing the blood and nerve supply to tissues.




How long will it take?

We want to get you to achieve your best as soon as possible, thats why we create a plan to specifically suit your body and following this plan along with our recommended advice will further enhance your recovery. Some lifestyle changes may be needed to achieve the fast results. Ultimately your health and recovery is of our highest importance. As each individual is unique it is emphasised that the amount of treatments required for symptoms to improve will depend on the individual case at hand.

If your problem does not seem to be resolving within these sessions, you may be referred to your GP or an appropriate alternative.

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I often hear from patients after starting treatment “I wish I had come here sooner”. If you are visiting these pages, I can only believe you are looking for help, either for yourself or for someone else. The best thing to do now is get in contact. We can discuss whats wrong and how we can help. With nearly over 10,000 hours worth of experience of treating individuals, we know some of the best ways in treating the human body and its totally natural. There’s no need for drugs or surgery. Also If you get in contact and there is a possible reason as to why your case wouldn’t suit Osteopathic treatment then we will recommend the next best alternative option, so no time wasted.

Contact us today via email: contactus@olympicosteopathy.com and we aim to get back to you the same working day. Or lets not delay any further and Make An Appointment today.

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