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Medical acupuncture

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Medical acupuncture is a western alternative to Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, which focuses on the painful areas of the body. When we insert the acupuncture needle into a painful area, it has multiple affects, from helping to physically release the tight area of tissue and by creating a healing response by stimulating the body’s natural anti-inflammatory hormones. Therefore it is particularly helpful if certain areas of the body don’t seem to be recovering, because it gives a local boost to the natural healing abilities of the body.

We can use medical acupuncture when there are tight areas of the body, for example, due to poor posture or if there is a high physical demand placed upon the body such as athletes/gym goers or manual workers. Secondly it can be used if recovery has slowed down. Although medical acupuncture works great by itself, it works particularly well with Osteopathy as it decreases pain whilst also releasing tension, which allows for more freedom of movement in correcting body alignment.

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I often hear from patients after starting treatment “I wish I had come here sooner”. If you are visiting these pages, I can only believe you are looking for help, either for yourself or for someone else. The best thing to do now is get in contact. We can discuss whats wrong and how we can help. With nearly over 10,000 hours worth of experience of treating individuals, we know some of the best ways in treating the human body and its totally natural. There’s no need for drugs or surgery. Also If you get in contact and there is a possible reason as to why your case wouldn’t suit Osteopathic treatment then we will recommend the next best alternative option, so no time wasted. 

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