What A Car Crash

A patient came complaining of a right shoulder injury sustained from a car crash 10 years ago. The result of this crash caused damage to the brachial plexus, a collection of nerves that originate from the neck and down through the shoulders and into the arm and hands.

This plexus is the primary driver of all motor control and function from the shoulder all the way down to the finger tips.


The damaged brachial plexus led to numbness, tremors and other uncontrolled movements that were highly sensitive to touch.

Top neurosurgeons would report that nothing can be done for this injury. Leaving the patient with rest and high dosage painkillers, which came with other unwanted side-effects.

Although a very slow recovery was made, there was still a sense of numbness, lack of control and discomfort with doing many movements which was interfering with life and hobbies.

Using our very unique treatment protocol, we found many dysfunctions related with the different spinothalamic pain pathways around the shoulder, along with mechanoreceptor dysfunctions and even spinotectal (eye movement) dysfunctions related to the shoulder.

Amazingly we could clear each of those dysfunctions in less than 3 seconds and then integrate it with some structural technique to reinforce sensorimotor control.

Upon leaving the clinic the patient reported the shoulder feeling ‘fresh’ and 2 months later there is still no pain or discomfort, and is thoroughly enjoying hobbies and activities again.

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