Pain and health depends on your body and mind. Together they possess self-regulatory mechanisms, having the inherent capacity to defend, repair and remodel itself. 

Your body has the inherent ability to defend and repair itself! Think for a moment, if you cut your finger, it causes pain but it heals. If you have a cold, it gets better and goes away. Your health, as nature intended, depends on the body to fight off infections and turn nutritious food and water into energy to build new living cells for the body to work at its optimum. Your health therefore is the result of a healthy functioning nervous system! 

The brain controls the functioning of every organ and cell in the body by sending signals down the spinal cord and out of the spine via the nerves. If any misalignment or irritation occurs in the spine, the brains signals will become less effective and create poor functioning organs or tissues before that nerve has even fully exited the spine, affecting your general well being and the onset of pain.

With correct posture and body alignment, the muscles remain relaxed with freedom in the joints to move, decreasing the chances of any irritation and any compromising of the nervous system. Therefore the key to your health is good quality movement via correct body mechanics and posture.

”I’ve never had this problem before…”

 Pain is a healthy signal. It is a warning to notify you that there is a problem. Pain wouldn’t occur if there wasn’t a problem, therefore pain is always the last symptom to develop. 

A history of accidents whether it being from a minor fall, motor vehicle crash or sporting injury can cause misalignments to remain throughout the body after the pain has gone. Even though you may not of have a major traumatic incident, your health may be compromised as the body is placed under many stresses throughout its lifetime. For example, a simple slip or fall as a child, carrying a heavy school/work bag, having poor posture, flat feet or bad sleeping habits all cause stress that goes undetected.

Even stress from work or sitting at a desk and using computers for an extended period of time will produce misalignments and compensations to occur, ultimately affecting your health and resulting in pain.

When pain does develop the chances are you have placed your body under stress for a period of time now. By assessing your posture and movements, we can see where the stress and strains are taking place in your body and what compensations have happened.


 “The human body is not a machine, it is a living, and highly sensitive organism. None-the-less, it is subject to the laws of gravity and pain if the mechanical aspect of physiological life does not receive its proper and due acknowledgment, and if adequate clinical procedures are not adopted, then the ultimate breakdown in body unity will become inevitable” – John Wernham DO FCO 

A day in the life of poor posture

First of all by just having a head position that is slightly forwards, creates a domino effect of potential weakness and problems to your health. Now let’s take into consideration, from as young as a child you develop these compensations simply by carrying school bags/books with either improper form or that are too heavy. Poor posture continues as we sit through school and by making our way to work, driving or sitting on a train in a similar position whilst trying to get updated with the latest emails.

Next, we sit at a desk in a similar position for our working day.. Only to finish work go back home the same way as we came and start all over again the next day. Does this sound familiar?

If our primary support, the skeletal system, is out of balance, the muscles, ligaments and joints become compromised. The muscles get pulled and tend to go into spasm and become fatigued creating weakness. The ligaments are then relied on more and become strained, whilst the joints become irritated and inflamed leading to the potential onset of degeneration or arthritis. The majority of people now have desk based jobs and according to the NHS work-related back pain accounts for 7.6 million sick days a year.





 ”Any variation from the health has a cause, and the cause has a location. It is the business of the osteopath to locate and remove it (the cause), doing away with disease and getting health instead” – A.T Still MD, DO (founder of Osteopathy) 

Therefore it is advised to have a check-up even without pain, as this would detect the state of your health of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system and correct any potential problems before they occur.

Within the osteopathic consultation we take into consideration all the fundamental principles to which the body must adhere to in order to restore and maintain optimum health and by doing so improve daily activities and sporting performance.

From the postural strains and misalignments, nerves become compromised and can cause other symptoms. What’s causing your problems?

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